Input earthquake load according EN 1998-1 (3-dimensional)


Chose for the ‘Earthquake load‘ in the window for the input of beam loads.


Input window for the properties of the earthquake load.


Plot of the elastic design spectrum of the earth quake load


Some special earthquake related numerical output:


*** Direction dependent modal participation factors

(based on scaled Eigenvectors with a maximal value of one)

Modal no.  X-direction         Y-direction          Z-direction


   1        7.71340E-01       -1.53370E-01       -6.17971E-01

   2       -2.39631E-01        8.41225E-01       -6.01594E-01

   3        3.56454E-14       -7.27601E-15       -2.81897E-14

   4       -1.88384E-13        1.31172E-13        5.60031E-14

   5       -2.23505E-14       -1.11950E-14        3.38595E-14

   6        2.91138E-01       -2.69868E-01       -2.12702E-02

   7       -9.60885E-03       -2.33758E-01        2.43367E-01

   8        1.25050E-01        2.83437E-01       -4.08487E-01

   9       -5.96122E-15       -3.00952E-15        8.61634E-15

  10       -2.19346E-16        8.02866E-15       -7.66008E-15

  ....     ............       ............       ............

And further...


*** Output modal effective masses

(Total modal effective masses in each direction is about the same as for the mass of the whole frame)

Modal no.  X-direction         Y-direction          Z-direction

   [-]       [kg]       [%]      [kg]       [%]      [kg]        [%]


   1      1.28312E+03  49.419  5.07288E+01   1.994  8.23592E+02  31.720

   2      9.63506E+01   3.711  1.18739E+03  46.673  6.07261E+02  23.388

   3      2.57227E-24   0.000  1.07176E-25   0.000  1.60876E-24   0.000

   4      2.58281E-24   0.000  1.25225E-24   0.000  2.28260E-25   0.000

   5      1.51504E-25   0.000  3.80102E-26   0.000  3.47708E-25   0.000

   6      1.78474E+02   6.874  1.53348E+02   6.028  9.52617E-01   0.037

   7      6.24776E-03   0.000  3.69757E+00   0.145  4.00780E+00   0.154

   8      1.54552E+01   0.595  7.94003E+01   3.121  1.64917E+02   6.352

   9      7.64120E-26   0.000  1.94754E-26   0.000  1.59638E-25   0.000

  10      2.66658E-30   0.000  3.57257E-27   0.000  3.25208E-27   0.000

  ....    ........... .......  ........... .......  ........... .......

And further...


*** Modal peak reaction forces

Modal no.     X-direction   Sa(Tn)    Y-direction   Sa(Tn)    Z-direction   Sa(Tn)

  [-]            [kN]       [m/s2]       [kN]       [m/s2]       [kN]       [m/s2]


   1         2.82575E+00  2.202E+00  1.11717E-01  2.202E+00  8.16187E-01  9.910E-01

   2         3.21169E-01  3.333E+00  3.95796E+00  3.333E+00  9.10892E-01  1.500E+00

   3         8.57423E-27  3.333E+00  3.57252E-28  3.333E+00  2.41314E-27  1.500E+00

   4         8.60936E-27  3.333E+00  4.17416E-27  3.333E+00  3.42391E-28  1.500E+00

   5         5.05014E-28  3.333E+00  1.26701E-28  3.333E+00  5.21561E-28  1.500E+00

   6         5.92287E-01  3.319E+00  5.08905E-01  3.319E+00  1.42262E-03  1.493E+00

   7         1.78314E-05  2.854E+00  1.05530E-02  2.854E+00  5.14728E-03  1.284E+00

   8         4.23456E-02  2.740E+00  2.17548E-01  2.740E+00  2.03335E-01  1.233E+00

   9         1.91427E-28  2.505E+00  4.87898E-29  2.505E+00  1.79966E-28  1.127E+00

  10         6.19916E-33  2.325E+00  8.30539E-30  2.325E+00  3.40215E-30  1.046E+00

  ....       ...........             ...........             ...........


Total        5.42286E+00             6.53878E+00             2.64718E+00

Combined results (CQC rule)

Total        3.16269E+00             4.19214E+00             1.37690E+00

SRSS rule; combined total: 5.42886E+00 [kN]


** D I S P L A C E M  E N T S  **

Total maximal displacements caused by earthquake

(absolute extreme values with the 'CQC' method)


Node no.      Ux          Uy         Uz        phi-x      phi-y      phi-z

              [m]         [m]        [m]       [degrees] [degrees]  [degrees]


   1        0.000E+00  0.000E+00  0.000E+00   0.000E+00  2.130E-02  0.000E+00

   2        1.686E-03  4.264E-04  5.794E-04   6.470E-03  2.964E-02 -1.907E-02

   3        3.400E-03  1.398E-03  1.100E-03  -8.907E-03  2.604E-02 -4.357E-03

   4        4.862E-03  2.477E-03  1.512E-03  -9.338E-03  2.028E-02 -2.426E-03

   5        5.842E-03  3.293E-03  1.778E-03  -6.439E-03  1.091E-02 -2.153E-04

   6        6.186E-03  3.595E-03  1.869E-03  -2.191E-14 -1.778E-14 -2.562E-14

   7        5.842E-03  3.293E-03  1.778E-03   6.439E-03 -1.091E-02  2.153E-04

   8        4.862E-03  2.477E-03  1.512E-03   9.338E-03 -2.028E-02  2.426E-03

   9        3.400E-03  1.398E-03  1.100E-03   8.907E-03 -2.604E-02  4.357E-03

  10        1.686E-03  4.264E-04  5.794E-04  -6.470E-03 -2.964E-02  1.907E-02

  11        0.000E+00  0.000E+00  0.000E+00   0.000E+00 -2.130E-02  0.000E+00



** B E A M  F O R C E S  in relation to the LOCAL system of axes  **

Total maximum forces in beams caused by earthquake

(absolute extreme values with the 'CQC and 'SRSS' method)

                     Normal      Shear      Shear     Torsion     Bending    Bending

Beam no.   Node no.    F-x         F-y       F-z       M-x        M-y        M-z

                       [kN]        [kN]      [kN]     [kN.m]     [kN.m]     [kN.m]


  1        1     -2.762E+00     -3.222E+00 -2.208E+00 -5.466E-02 -5.060E+00 -8.802E+00

           2      2.762E+00tens  3.222E+00  2.208E+00  5.466E-02  6.013E+00  4.298E+00

  2        2     -1.913E+00     -2.235E+00 -1.523E+00 -5.466E-02 -6.013E+00 -4.298E+00

           3      1.913E+00tens  2.235E+00  1.523E+00  5.466E-02  6.528E+00  1.360E+00

  3        3     -1.626E+00     -1.935E+00 -1.242E+00 -5.466E-02 -6.528E+00 -1.360E+00

           4      1.626E+00tens  1.935E+00  1.242E+00  5.466E-02  7.882E+00  3.425E+00

  4        4     -1.115E+00     -1.326E+00 -8.544E-01 -5.466E-02 -7.882E+00 -3.425E+00

           5      1.115E+00tens  1.326E+00  8.544E-01  5.466E-02  8.874E+00  5.492E+00

  5        5     -4.194E-01     -5.001E-01 -3.189E-01 -5.466E-02 -8.874E+00 -5.492E+00

           6      4.194E-01tens  5.001E-01  3.189E-01  5.466E-02  9.265E+00  6.281E+00

  6        6     -4.194E-01     -5.001E-01 -3.189E-01 -5.466E-02 -9.265E+00 -6.281E+00

           7      4.194E-01tens  5.001E-01  3.189E-01  5.466E-02  8.874E+00  5.492E+00

  7        7     -1.115E+00     -1.326E+00 -8.544E-01 -5.466E-02 -8.874E+00 -5.492E+00

           8      1.115E+00tens  1.326E+00  8.544E-01  5.466E-02  7.882E+00  3.425E+00

  8        8     -1.626E+00     -1.935E+00 -1.242E+00 -5.466E-02 -7.882E+00 -3.425E+00

           9      1.626E+00tens  1.935E+00  1.242E+00  5.466E-02  6.528E+00  1.360E+00

  9        9     -1.913E+00     -2.235E+00 -1.523E+00 -5.466E-02 -6.528E+00 -1.360E+00

          10      1.913E+00tens  2.235E+00  1.523E+00  5.466E-02  6.013E+00  4.298E+00

 10       10     -2.762E+00     -3.222E+00 -2.208E+00 -5.466E-02 -6.013E+00 -4.298E+00

          11      2.762E+00tens  3.222E+00  2.208E+00  5.466E-02  5.060E+00  8.802E+00


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