Short description of the program


Purpose of the program:

This programs calculates the time dependent temperature distribution in a layered structure as a function of time.

The considered geometry is one-dimensional.

The program is primarily written in view of the calculation of fires, but is also suitable for use at much lower temperatures.


At the left side of the first layer a prescribed heat source is present during a certain time.

There are THREE possibilities present for the input of the conditions at the LEFT side:

1. Input of the air temperature [C]

2. Input of the incoming radiation [kW/m2]

3. Combination of point 1. and 2.

At point 1. next to air temperature the heat transition coefficient has to be given [W/m2 C]

For point 2. the first layer is radiating somewhat backwards as a consequence of the raise in temperature and therefore

lowering the temperature somewhat (especially at higher surface temperatures).

For option 3. the amount of energy is put into the structure by convection as well as radiation.


For the input of air temperatures and radiation at the LEFT side various more or less complex options are available.

At the RIGHT side only a simple condition is possible; namely a constant temperature with a heat transition coefficient.


In the various layers heat transport takes place by convection only.

It is possible, when water is present, to limit the temperatures to a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius.

In a possible cavity heat transport is only calculated by means of radiation.


The output of the calculations results is possible in numerical as well as graphical form.

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